JAKUCHU chicken embroidery bag No. 001 JAKUCHU chicken embroidery bag No. 002 JAKUCHU chicken embroidery bag No. 003 The gate of Ryugu castle Bag No.004

Brand List 01

Bag with machi

Introducing the bag made up of handmade "SAKUYA KOTOBUKI". The bag which stuck to the material is a product that drifts an adult woman in Japan.

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Blue Jewelry Flower Pattern Mat Large size Red jewelry Flower Patten Mat red flower  Small size Red jewelry Flower Patten Mat blue flower  Small size Phoenix pattern mat Large size Tang flower pattern mat Large size

Brand List 02


By placing it in space, you can create a space with a sense of luxury. By putting it in a little special place, we create a different world.

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Aochi peony Tote No.001 White background Fujigara tote bag No.002 White crane Tote Bag No.003 蒼地金花柄トートバッグNo.005 観世流水柄トートバッグNo.004

Brand List 03

Tote bag

The collage sat on the gold fabric uses materials that are being used to support developing countries and social welfare facilities. Please take in the hand of the beauty of variety.

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葵牡丹唐柄スリッパ 黒銀羽根スリッパ 観世流水黒銀スリッパ 翠唐柄牡丹スリッパ 朱牡丹唐柄スリッパ

Brand list 04


[The most beautiful slippers in the world] slippers that combine the beautiful gold mine is a unique dish. We will produce the greatest joy as a gift and hospitality to the important person.

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葵金牡丹柄長財布 羽金流麗柄長財布 観世流水柄長財布 朱金唐柄長財布 朱金牡丹柄長財布

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Long Wallet

Gorgeous wallet of gold wallet, which is made of gold and silver, is a luxurious creation of only one.

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短冊黒銀パソコンケース 羽根金流麗パソコンケース 観世流水パソコンケース 金唐柄パソコンケース 朱金牡丹パソコンケース

Bland list

Laptop Case

A variety of business scenes such as lounge and meeting. Business success boost.

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朱金牡丹柄巾着 葵金牡丹柄巾着 金唐柄巾着 観世流水柄巾着 羽金流麗柄巾着

Brand LIST 07


【豪華絢爛開運巾着】唯一無二の愛らしい巾着です。パッと開くとまばゆい金襴が目を引きます。アクセサリーや化粧品、または美しい勾玉を入れて。 貴方を最高に輝かせる一品です。




Introducing the concepts and services set forth by SAKUYA KOTOBUKI.

We will make "Ju" a flower of the heavens and deliver it to people all over the world.  

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