Cinderella success law of

The story of
From children to adults
As too know
But is known story
A very simple
Success law
It is a story that embodies
The Shin'nderera was carried out is
Seven of success law
1. Not lose the painful status quo that has been placed now
(Not perverse, not mourn)
2. Always envision the ideal
(Do not let go of the dream is also about to be tell anyone what)
3.  To properly cooking, washing, cleaning
(Able to use his hands, dropped important heart of plaque)
(The minimum required for living and self-reliance)
Four.  To carefully in front of the work of a given eye
(Even small things with professionalism→Result the skills)
Five.   Keep the preparation for when the opportunity came
(Intellect, character, words and deeds, only Shitaku)
6. Not discouraged, do not give up in the face of adversity
(To the ingenuity, efforts that can be in their own until the last)
7. Do not you scared When you get a chance
(With Isamu氣 leaving one step before)
The seven law
As well as the soul shine
Only important thing
To clear these
To what people who self-reliance and preparedness could be
It may be a chance to come
Always mind
The Kotobuki of flowers
Soliloquy of