【Origin of the Brand Name】

Greetings from SAKUYA KOTOBUKI, a brand that lets the celestial, beautiful flowers of kotobuki blossom here on Earth.

The Japanese word kotobuki is a prayer for good fortune, happiness and longevity.

We hope to share this beautiful word with people around the world, spreading like the blooms of a celestial flower.



got its name.


【Brand Concept】

SAKUYA KOTOBUKI invokes traditional Japanese beauty, the beauty of diversity and human connection in its creations.

Japanese traditional beauty×Beauty of diversity×Sociality

Beauty has no one single definition.

SAKUYA KOTOBUKI believes that beauty is born from the fusion of our personality, our grief, experiences, our practiced skills, and the passage of time. However, some people might view it with scorn, and others might see it as a wound.
We believe that beauty is not just superficial.
Beautiful jewels shine because they have been polished forcefully.

They say, “A faded scar turns into brilliance.”

We express such hidden beauty in our products, putting our soul into each and every one of the collages we offer through discovering and offering a diverse range of beauty.


Kinran fabric has been used in Japan since ancient times in traditional Japanese spaces such as Kabuki, Noh theatre, shrines and temples. It is one of the world's most beautiful textiles, woven carefully by craftsmen who have trained for decades. However, in recent times, there are few successors, most of whom are elderly, and as the years go by, fewer and fewer workshops are able to survive.
What can we do to do preserve traditional beauty in the near future and for forever? SAKUYA KOTOBUKI was created with that in mind, as a small celebration of Japanese heritage.

<Japanese & International Motifs>

The motifs we use in our collages are created from wonderful products made by people from diverse environments: water buffalo horn charms made by street children in Rwanda, who lost their parents in civil war; coasters knit by Nepalese girls who suffered due to human trafficking; glass and bracelets made in disability support facilities in Tokyo. Yasuko Maruko arranges them into a collage piece by piece, creating new works of art.
Please enjoy the look and feel of each motifs and piece of lace.

<Natural Stones>

SAKUYA KOTOBUKI uses beautiful natural stones including ice flake crystal, aqua aura and onyx.
Enjoy the authentic brilliance of stones created by the Earth.


SAKUYA KOTOBUKI does not use animal fur, leather, or feathers (excepting the use of water buffalo horn charms to support charity).

SAKUYA KOTOBUKI stands with and walks alongside social minorities and those needing support, offering independence, coexistence and human connection.

SAKUYA KOTOBUKI is dedicated to the tradition of Japanese beauty.
SAKUYA KOTOBUKI donates part of its sales to outside organizations.


Yasuko Maruko

Born in Tokyo, Maruko was soothed to sleep by the thrum of a sewing machine in her family’s sewing workshop.
Since childhood she has loved all kinds of art, and she dreamed of working at a job related to Japanese art. Maruko enrolled in Bunka Fashion College and worked for an apparel company after graduation. Later, after marriage, she was finally able to launch her original brand “maarenca,” which was sold in major select shops.
Based on all her experiences, she launched her brand-new label SAKUYA KOTOBUKI in 2018.