Aochi peony Tote No.001
Aochi peony Tote No.001
Aochi peony Tote No.001

Aochi peony Tote No.001

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Fabric you are using to base, the gold brocade fabric procedure of craftsmen shines

Lavish use.

Bag front designers were collected from home and abroad, of sticking to

Motif has been one by one collage.


Because of social support, in Rwanda of water buffalo charm and Tokyo of welfare facilities

Use made bracelet and recycled glass.

In addition, Chile Japanese-made lace and ribbon, a natural stone in luxury

Available to you Bamete.

Artificial leather and brocade fabric handle 9cm
Width 48cm x height 30cm x bottom 12x28cm
Inside pocket x2
made in Japan

Outer Brocade fabric (100% polyester)

Lining back satin shantung (100% polyester)


Front collage

Hand-knitted motif: Nepal

Buffalo Charm: Rwanda

Recycled glass: Arakawa welfare facilities

Bracelet: Arakawa welfare facilities

Lace, ribbon

Natural stone (Onyx crack crystal Aqua aura)


made in Japan

Until six months after your purchase, if the recycled glass is broken,

We will exchange free of charge.

(However, because of handmade same glass can not be played.

Please note)

At the request of the exchange, please provide a picture of the broken glass.



Since it with a delicate motif, on the hook, such as clothes

Please be careful.


Brocade fabric is woven loose yarn by the handle, pull Tsure of yarn

It becomes frayed easy material.


Or more, and after understanding the characteristics of the product, thank you for your handling.